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Peer Discussion and Activity Group

Welcome to ‘The Journey Forward’ peer discussion and activity support group.

We are a community of individuals who come together to support each other in our journeys towards healing, growth, and well-being. Our group is open to serving or retired police, PSO’s and PCO’s, emergency services personnel, frontline workers and any support staff seeking support and guidance on their personal path, and we aim to create a safe and inclusive space for all members and veterans.

At our group meetings, we engage in a variety of talks and activities designed to help members and veterans gain insight into their experiences, develop self-compassion, enhance their emotional and physical well-being, find meaning in their journey, and establish a path to healing. We believe that by sharing our experiences, knowledge, and insights and supporting each other, we can create a positive and empowering environment that allows us to grow and thrive.

One of the key aims of our group is to provide a safe, supportive and non-judgmental space for members to express themselves freely. We understand that the journey towards healing can be a difficult and often isolating experience, and our group provides a welcoming community where members can connect with others who are going through similar experiences. 

Another important benefit of our group is that it provides opportunities for members to develop important skills and strategies for coping with life's challenges. Our talks, activities, and guest presenters provide practical tools and resources for members to use in their everyday lives. We also place a strong emphasis on life enjoyment and the importance of having fun and laughing together.

In addition to supporting individual well-being, our group also recognises the importance of social connections and the role that family, friends, and community play in our lives. We encourage members to build and strengthen their support networks, and we encourage members to connect and socialise outside of group meetings.

Wherever you are in your journey we invite you to become part of the amazing community of people already supporting each other in finding validation, support, and inspiration as they navigate their journey forward. 

We welcome anyone who is interested in joining our community, and we look forward to supporting each other as we continue to grow and thrive together.

Contact us today to learn more....  
Cleve: 0448 325 641  /  Dave: 0490 344 638 or email your details to us at (info@tangojulietfoxtrot) and we will give you a call.

**While there is no cost to be part of The Journey Forward discussion and activity group, it must be noted that some activities may have a small cost attached to them which currently must be paid for by participants (to eliminate these costs please refer to the Social Prescribing initiative at the bottom of this page to apply for WorkSafe funding)

It is important to note that while support groups can provide therapeutic value, they are not a substitute for psychotherapy. Psychotherapy provides individualised and evidence-based treatments that are tailored to a person's specific needs and symptoms. Support groups can be a helpful complement to psychotherapy, but they should not be relied upon as a sole treatment for psychological injuries.

Peer Discussion and Activity Program (W/C Funding available)

20-week Program Funded by WorkSafe as part of their Social Prescribing Initiative

  • Download the program flyer if you haven't already seen it. 

  • Download and complete the Social Prescribing Questionnaire.

  • Download and print the Social Prescribing referral document for your GP to fill in.

  • Take all documents (Flyer, Questionnaire and Referral) to your GP so they can complete the referral. 

  • Forward the completed questionnaire and referral to your Work Cover agent and email The Journey Forward at to ensure you are part of an extraordinary community of serving and retired police, emergency services personnel, and first responders, all supporting each other on their journey forward.


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