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The TJF Community

 The Wonderful TJF Community
At The Journey Forward, our team comprises extraordinary individuals who have dedicated their lives to serving our communities, whether in uniform or after retirement. They are police officers, paramedics, firefighters, frontline workers, and retired heroes who have selflessly contributed to the well-being of our society. 

These remarkable individuals bring with them a wealth of experiences, stories, and unwavering strength that enrich our collective spirit. Their unique perspectives, insights, and life experiences play a pivotal role in shaping our approach to supporting mental health within the emergency services sector. They are an integral part of our team and the success of The Journey Forward, individually and collectively. They are TJF - The Journey Forward!

Their stories of courage, sacrifice, and determination inspire us daily. They remind us of the incredible tenacity that exists within our team and our community. Together, we share a common mission – to improve the mental health and well-being of those who have chosen the path of service, whether currently active or retired. 

Explore our website to learn more about becoming a valued member of our caring and supportive community. To all our remarkable community members, both active and retired, thank you for being part of the TJF community and for your ongoing contributions to the well-being of yourself and each other.

Cleve Salmon

Cleve is a 19 year police veteran with lived experience of PTSD. Cleve is the brain child of TJF (Tango Juliet Foxtrot) which, in part, was his way of working through some of the challenges he faced during his battle with PTSD, his journey through ill-health retirement and recovery. He has had multiple hospital admissions in mental health facilities and volunteers as a peer at Ward 17 assisting other patients who are facing their own demons. Cleve's willingness to share his journey publicly, through conversation, his TJF website and on social media has been courageous, but more importantly has shown how transformation is possible and provided hope.

Cleve was an active peer support officer in Victoria Police and has also completed peer support training with Emergency Services Foundation. Throughout his career and retirement, he has been tireless in his support of serving and retired emergency service workers coping with the unique challenges they face in their journey forward.

Cleve is also a co-founder and director of TJF - The Journey Forward Limited and co-facilitates the peer discussion and activity groups currently occurring fortnightly at the Beach Bar @ Carrum..

Finally, Prior to his policing career, Cleve was a Chef, so he oversees the amazing food prep at our Pay It Forward BBQ's. Of course, like any head Chef, he doesn't just cook, he also does a lot of yelling - Haha -  just kidding Clevo.. 


Dave Evans

Dave's a 23 year police veteran with lived experience of PTSD.  Dave and Cleve first met as young Constables and after many years of forging rewarding and fulfilling careers and experiencing the devastating impact of trauma crossed paths once again.

 It was this chance meeting and the many conversations about mental health and recovery and the great support they offered each other that lead Tango Juliet Foxtrot (TJF) to evolve into what is today TJF - The Journey Forward. 

Dave co-founded The Journey Forward Limited and co-facilitates the peer discussion and activity group with Cleve, has completed a Bachelor of Psychology, holds a Masters in Social Work and is an accredited Social Worker.  Dave has also completed specialist training for mental health providers with Phoenix Australia and is registered with the Australian Association of Social Workers.

Dave currently works a couple of days per week at a Primary School providing counselling and holistic support to students and their families. When he’s not working Dave's other passion, as a police veteran and social worker, is supporting and empowering serving and retired police, emergency services personnel, frontline workers, and their support staff on their journey forward.

Paulette Smith

Paulette is a registered Dental Hygienist and Director of an Australian Dental Supply company. Paulette built her dental supply, services and training company (Tri-Dente) from the ground up and now supports dental professionals throughout Australia to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Her knowledge and experience in the areas of clinical oral health services, business development, sales and marketing, and training and education in those areas provides her with the knowledge and experience to support The Journey Forward as they grow and fulfil their mission of providing quality support to serving and retired police, emergency services personnel, frontline workers and support staff.

Paulette has been in a relationship with ill-health retired police veteran (Dave Evans) for 28 years, Paulette has supported him and lived through the many challenges that come with being the partner of an emergency services worker with PTSD. 

Paulette's motivation to support emergency service workers is fueled by her personal experience of living alongside PTSD and seeing the significant benefits the right support can bring.

Contact: please contact Cleve or Dave.


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