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Who we are and what we're all about

Welcome to The Journey Forward, a place built on the foundations of understanding, compassion, and support.

History and Evolution of TJF

TJF was started after Cleve was medically retired from the job in 2019,

After feeling a strong sense of loss from not being able to do a job that he once loved. The symptoms of anxiety and depression brought on from post traumatic stress along with other personal stressors put him into a dark place. Realising this, he started penning his thoughts as a form of therapy and the Tango Juliet Foxtrot website and blog were born.

After writing about what was going through his head along with a strong desire to end the senseless suicides of his former colleagues, other frontline workers and veterans, he decided that TJF would be used as a tool to start conversations about mental health and promote people to look after their mates. Early intervention can make a huge difference. A phone call or message can have a life changing impact on someone in need. A check in doesn’t cost anything and can mean a lot to that friend or colleague that may be struggling. 

The TJF acronym is synonymous amongst those in the job and this makes it a great platform for starting conversations about mental health. Whether you prefer the old meaning or the new, we are all on a journey and it’s important to acknowledge where we’ve come from whilst focusing on where we are going. Often, you can start off with TJF having the old meaning before it evolves into the new meaning and you begin your journey forward. There are many stages of grief associated with post traumatic stress and anger is one of them. Acceptance is another. You can choose to live in the past or you can choose to evolve and move forward whilst managing your symptoms and living a meaningful life. Yes, you may never be the old you but you can use your learnings to be a better you.  

As the TJF movement kicked off and started to gain some momentum, another conversation took place between Cleve and his good mate Dave who also happened to have been medically retired from the job due to suffering psychological injury. Over a beer, it was decided that TJF could do more to help others live a good life both during and after service and in March 2023, The Journey Forward was born with the very first peer activity group session being run in the back room at a cafe in Carrum.

What started as a small catchup has grown organically into a strong community where we come together to support each other. From discussions about moral injury to (dragon boat racing, ice bath breathing work or one of our many other fun activities) bbq’s at stations with cute assistance dogs. TJF is making a difference in people's lives and it is having a positive impact in a space that sometimes can appear a little bleak.

Where we are headed

TJF - The Journey Forward Limited is a charitable organisation. We're here for you, dedicated individuals who have served our communities, including police officers, PSO's, PCO's, emergency service personnel, frontline workers, and their essential support teams, whether you're currently in service or have retired.

Our mission is simple: to make a meaningful difference in your life. We extend a helping hand, offer a compassionate ear, and illuminate the path to a brighter future.

Our commitment to your well-being begins with our community of peers and the space we provide for Peer Discussions and Activities. Here, you connect with others who share your experiences, sharing stories and forming bonds that help you find your way forward. 

Continuing our support journey, we foster connections through our "Pay It Forward" BBQs. These gatherings serve as more than just a meal – they're opportunities to engage in conversations about mental health, build camaraderie, and acknowledge and celebrate your tireless work.

Moving from the BBQs, we offer one-on-one Counselling and individual Peer Support. Our confidential sessions provide you with the necessary tools to address the emotional demands of your past and present roles and the impacts they have had on you.

Next, we provide unwavering support for those navigating the intricacies of Workcover, return-to-work (RTW), and the ill-health retirement process, supporting you in your journey toward a brighter tomorrow.

Finally, our commitment extends further as we become ardent advocates for systemic change, dedicated to enhancing the overall health and well-being of all those who serve our communities. We're your voice for the changes needed.

Join us at The Journey Forward, where we're not just an organisation; we're a diverse community of individuals from various services who've walked a similar path. Our camaraderie, combined with the services we provide, serves as your guiding compass to find your way forward. Together, we'll navigate the path ahead, hand in hand, because we believe in taking care of each other and making a positive impact on the systems that support us.

Our next fortnightly discussion
and activity group catch up is at:

10:00 am on
Friday 21st June 2024

Activity:  Healing Through Collaborative Creativity
The Studio & Co
545 Mornington-Tyabb Road, Moorooduc.


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