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XL 400ml x 400ml Supersized TJF decal



If you’re looking for the big cohuna fuck off I’m cool sticker, this one is for you! It’s a chunky mother and measures 400ml x 400ml. Perfect for the back of your caravan or fridge. They’re UV resistant and laminated so that they last. They’re only available in gloss and I rock one on the back of my Ute which turns heads and starts conversations. Not for the faint hearted!

Note - These Stickers are professionally printed by our sign writer on demand so if you want one email us and we’ll organise to get some done. Also available in Pink. 

SKU: TJF400 TAGS: TJF, The Journey Forward, Decal, Hardly a Police Matter, Mental Health Recovery, PTSD, PTSI, PTS, Trauma, Mental Injury, Psychological Injury, Thin Blue Line

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