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TJF Euro Sticker Vinyl UV 125mm x 80mm



TJF Euro Sticker Vinyl UV 125mm x 80mm Travel Sticker

Looking for something a little more discreet than the logo sticker that will still tell people how it is whilst looking like you come from another magnificent country? Look no further my friends for your moment has arrived! A beautiful die cut UV Vinyl TJF sticker including a subtle thin blue line flag.

Whether we’re from AUS, the USA or RUS. This sticker will represent the TJF movement and encourage conversations about the extreme pressure that everyone is under and the important conversations that need to go with it. Snap yourself a winner and throw it on your ride or your suitcase. This thing would even be at home on the back of one of those fancy BMW or Volkswagen cars that are running around! TJF!

SKU: TJFEURO1 TAGS: TJF Travel Sticker, TJF, Sticker, Travel, Decal

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