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The Journey Forward

Exciting Times Ahead.. What’s in the pipeline?

We have been really busy at Tango Juliet Foxtrot (TJF) and are excited to be launching our new peer discussion and activity group program called ‘The Journey Forward’ in conjunction with mate and fellow VicPol veteran Dave Evans. Dave served 23 years in the job performing various roles before being pensioned out with PTSD. Dave then went on to get his Degree in psychology and a Masters of social work. I cannot think of a better bloke to join the team as Dave is passionate about police mental health and has been through the process of PTSD retirement. He has a great insight into the challenges that we as frontline members and veterans face including working through the process of dealing with insurers, medical professionals and management.   

The date has been locked in for our first meet up at 10am on the  3rd of March 2023 at The Beach Bar in Carrum (611 Nepean Highway, Carrum). There is a great private function room that they are kindly allowing us to use for our catch up. 

If you're a police officer or veteran struggling with psychological injury. our peer discussion and activity group may be the right fit for you. Engage in a comprehensive and holistic approach to healing through a strengths based, person centred journey of self discovery with a supportive community of peers.

Throughout your journey, we’ll cover a variety of talks & activities that will help you:

  • Gain insight into your experiences

  • Develop self-compassion

  • Enhance emotional & physical well-being

  • Find meaning in your journey

  • Establish a path to healing.

  • Life enjoyment (laughter & fun)

  • Family, friends, and socialisation

Facilitated by Dave and I, our peer discussion group sessions are designed to be fun, interactive and dynamic.

It's an opportunity for you to share and discuss experiences, challenges, and strategies for healing in a safe and supportive environment. Sign up now and be part of a journey that may change your life.

Please register with us via  so that we can gauge interest levels and we hope to see you there. This group offers the opportunity to make new connections and maybe work on existing ones. We understand that it’s not always easy to commit to a group meeting but we’d love it if you could make it. If you think it’s something that interests you please feel free to call Dave on 0490 344 638 or me on 0448 325 641.

Discussion groups and activities will run for approx 2 hours.

We would like to say thank you to the Beach Bar for kindly allowing us to use their function room and encourage everyone to catch up for a social chat and enjoy the rest of the wonderful venue before and / or after your discussion group. They serve great food, coffee and are licensed if you want to grab a drink. Dave and I with my service dog Hank will be around and are always up for a chat although Hank can’t speak English but as he is a bordoodle his French has been untested..

Start a conversation, together, let’s make a difference to members and veterans mental health.


Cleve (TJF)


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